Our lab is equipped with hardware and software for emulation of cellular networks. The emulation is based on a software platform OpenAirInterface (OAI), developed by the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance, where CTU in Prague is a member.

Our lab is equipped with:

  • USRPs B205 mini (SDR on flying base station)
  • USRPs B210 (SDR for fixed base stations and user equipment)
  • USRPs N310 (SDR for fixed base stations and user equipment for 5G)
  • PCs and laptops for emulation of radio and core network
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – hexa-copter (flying base station)
  • Intel NUC for emulation of cellular network on flying base station
  • Two MEC servers (Intel Xeon Gold 6154 @3GHz, 36 cores, 256 GB RAM)
  • Smartphones, tablets and USB dongles
  • Universal Radio Communication Tester & shielded box (provided by CETIN)

We work on various research and development topics with the OAI:

  • Design and implementation of scheduling (resource allocation)
  • Multi-access Edge Computing
  • Development of flying base station
  • Cloud Radio Access Network

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